Facing Divorce

Lack of communication is one of the leading indicators of problems in a marriage. As one of the greatest challenges in intimate relationships, it is not a surprise to discover that a breakdown in communication is the number one reason couples divorce.

By the time divorce or separation is under consideration, the problems and their solutions are usually more complex. Emotions interfere with reasoned, rational discussion.

Before seeking to dissolve the marriage, it may be beneficial to speak with a third party who is trained to facilitate better communication between spouses, including therapists, marriage counselors and medical professionals. Add to that list, clergy, life coaches, friends and even family members, all of whom, with the advantage of objectivity and neutrality, might be able to help you and your spouse/partner communicate effectively during a difficult period in your marriage.

Every relationship is unique and while we may not know your reasons for exploring the possibility of divorce, it is our hope that you have made attempts, that are comfortable for you, to save your marriage.

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