If The Marriage Will End


It is clear that in order to get married, two people must agree. It is also true that efforts to save a failing marriage require both partners to work together to repair the relationship. However, a divorce may be sought and achieved based upon the decision by one spouse to terminate the union.

Most states have adopted the concept of “no-fault” divorce. Though it works differently from state to state, the central theme is that one spouse may sue another for divorce without having to prove the other guilty of wrongful conduct. If the marriage is found to be “irretrievably broken”, and other statutory requirements are met (for example, residency) the court will grant the divorce. The trend is for the courts to look at divorce in economic rather than moral terms. Legal battles in the divorce courts have more to do with “how” the divorce will come about rather than “if” it will be granted.

There are few experiences in life that will stir emotions as intensely as divorce. It has been noted by many that the end of a marriage or partnership is similar to experiencing the death of a loved one because it is the end or “death” of the relationship. While feeling fear, anger, grief, and sadness, you are expected to enter into agreements and make binding decisions that affect your financial security, your children, your family and your future. During this time, it may be beneficial for you to seek the help of a trained professional, friends or family.

At Divorce Without War® our goal is to help you and your spouse visualize this time not as an ending, but as a transition from a married relationship to a civilized, post-marriage relationship. We will help you navigate the process and feel more in control as we empower you and your partner to make informed decisions that will benefit your children, extended family, friends and the wide range of acquaintances that are part of your lives.

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