Methods Of Divorce

The Adversarial Process / Litigation

A typical contested divorce is part of our adversary process. By design, the legal system places one party against the other in what can become a very long and expensive process. After discovery and depositions, a judge listens to the most persuasive argument from each side, including cross-examinations, which reveal the weaknesses of each side’s position. It puts husband against wife, mother against father and hostility escalates into the ultimate war, the trial. Litigation can be painful, expensive and damaging to a family’s hope of future cooperative relationships.

The Divorce Without War® Mediation Process

Divorce Without War® provides couples with an affordable, smart and peaceful alternative to litigated divorce. We guide you through the entire journey, mediating all issues related to divorce. We are experienced professionals specifically trained in facilitating fair agreements between willing participants. We prepare all of the necessary documents. Our peaceful, pro-family approach enables you and your spouse to address legal and non-legal issues and make informed decisions in a safe, informal and extremely confidential setting.

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