The biggest mistakes men make in a divorce

Topic: Divorce
Dec 31, 2021

No one gets married expecting to get divorced. When it happens – not only is there a lot of emotional stress involved – there’s also a lot of material matters to deal with as well. In many cases – the process can be a little bit more overwhelming for men – and as such, it’s important that when the worst occurs you know what to do, but sometimes more important – what not to do.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most common mistakes men make in a divorce and why they should be avoided. Let’s jump right in. 

Hiding finances

Not only is this perhaps the most common mistake men make; it’s absolutely the most costly. Everyone wants to hang onto investments and assets –  but the bottom line is that lying about any financial situation in a legal proceeding is a crime. The penalties and the severity of them varies greatly from state to state, but hefty fines and even jail time are commonplace. 

While you’ll certainly be tempted to do this, not only is it illegal – but you’ll also 100% get caught. Even if you are successful in hiding your assets through the duration of your initial divorce, there are some conditions under which a divorce can be re-opened by a judge later on to reallocate both assets and financial means. Don’t ever hide your finances. Trust your legal representation.

Avoiding compromise

It’s virtually impossible for a divorce to go smoothly. Quite frankly, there is too much at stake both emotionally and materially. At some point, SOMETHING will become a bone of contention. Despite that – it’s important that you remain diplomatic. Remember you and your soon to be ex-partner may not agree on anything anymore – but we promise you both want to end the divorce as quickly as possible to move on with your lives. 

Embracing compromise is always the best way to diffuse emotionally charged situations and encourages cooperation from the other side. Stay in that mental state – and you might not get everything you want – but you’ll most certainly get everything you need. 

Involving a new partner

The best, possible way to spark conflict in a divorce and cause a mess is to involve the new love of your life in the proceedings. Look, if you’ve found your new soulmate – congratulations – that’s all well and good. Being patient through your divorce though – is important and involving your new partner in anything resembling negotiations or conversations is a sure fire way to turn things on their head. Emotions can cloud judgment and the more you introduce emotional elements into the proceedings, the worse things will get. Do not involve your partner. 

If you’re looking for Tampa Divorce mediation and are looking to find an amicable end to your marriage, feel free to reach out to us at any time for a free consultation. Until then, we hope you found today’s blog helpful and we’ll look forward to speaking with you in the future. Good luck!