Three essential divorce tips for men

Topic: Divorce
Aug 31, 2021

For every man who’s experienced it, the whole concept of divorce can be tough to grapple with. While there are no two, same divorces, there’s lots of great advice out there that can help men come to grips with the process and move forward quickly and effectively. 

Divorce should never define who you are, but it most certainly can define how you choose to move forward with your life. Today, we’re going to talk about some tips we have for men out there who are struggling with their divorce and how you can move to whatever is coming next as quickly as possible. Let’s jump right in!

Accepting the ending

Denial is a difficult thing to overcome and will work against you every step of the way. All men have an intrinsic desire to be ’right’ and  the ultimate challenge in divorce is that we view it in an adversarial light. One of the best things you can do is see the whole picture and understand that your relationship is over. This will take time, but regardless of whatever technical, logistical and emotional challenges lay ahead; all of them will be easier to deal with once you’ve accepted that it’s time to move on. 

Plan it out

Especially if you have children, there is no more important thing than planning with your spouse. Yes, you’ll have money to sort through, belongings to divvy up, and legal issues to settle, but if the divorce is mutual, then work with each other as a team to achieve the outcome you both want.

How you choose to move through proceedings will not only set the stage for the divorce, but what’s coming next in your life. Most importantly – and again if you have kids – it will set the stage for the adjustments they’ll have to make in their life. Even if your spouse is being petty and mean, you have to remain calm and focused.

You can control how you behave, how you act in front of your children and how you react to things. Be patient – it goes a long way towards achieving a mutually beneficial end. 

Being financially prudent

Always remember this when it comes to finances for men in divorces. “Just” doesn’t always mean ‘fair.’ And men can be heavily impacted financially in a divorce. Make sure that any and all mediation is done with mediators who have a strong background in finances so you both get as close to even pieces of the pie as possible. 

Divorce is never easy but stick to these three tips and you’ll be sure to achieve a more desirable result. Good luck and remember to embrace the journey. Everything happens for a reason.