Mediation is a dispute settlement process run by a trained third party, called a mediator. Mediation is intended to bring two parties together to reach a resolution in an attempt to avoid taking a case to court. Mediation is the pro-family approach to divorce because it is affordable, less time consuming, less emotionally draining, and can spare your family unnecessary heartache and scars.


It is important to note that Divorce Without War® mediators are experienced professionals with knowledge of divorce who are specifically trained in facilitating fair agreements. We guide couples through the entire process, mediating all the issues related to a divorce. We are dedicated to working with divorcing couples to bring about collaboration and accord by enabling each party, in a confidential and comfortable setting, to listen and speak rationally to each other.

Divorce Without War® mediators are trained to be neutral and impartial, and do not represent either party. Our goal is for both parties to feel that their concerns are heard and addressed, making it easier to achieve a civilized conclusion and positive life after divorce. Although it may not seem so at the moment, there is life after divorce.

With a kinder method for resolution, you can spend your energy focusing on a positive and productive future full of opportunities.

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